I just went away to school and can't listen to O & A up here. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to listen to the show over the internet.


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As we all know, telling people how to find syndication underground is a "no-no". :)
Thanks Jerkoff face!

You are new to the board but we have one rule here, do not bash other members! since you are new, I will let you slide..

as far as syndication underground is concerned... It cannot be posted on a message board because CBS and Infinity will then shut down the sites, your better off asking if anyone knows of a site for them to PM or email you.

welcome to the board.


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I think he ment me In college My cousins nickname was Jerkofff face. I know where to find the syndication Underground and that would be www. oh no I have to reboot hold on a sec..........
Sorry, i'm just getting a little frustrated after a few weeks of not listening to the show.


Can someone email me a link to listen to... i'm not far from NEW, but the building i work in blocks the signal... thanks!
Calm Down....

I e-mailed both of you w/ a few Syndication sites. :D


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-The first rule of Syndication Underground: You do not talk about syndication underground.


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Instead of me Emailing people, I will just say this: It's as simple as asking the question. Take those two words and you can find the place to listen. I am listening now. Think hard!


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hmm. What does he mean by that? 2 words? hmmm. ;)