Why is WNEW still playing promos with The Radio Chick as part of the regular lineup. I thought they fired her.
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Yes indeed. Question anyone know when they are gonna decide what they are gonna do with the line-up.
Prolly also contractually obliged to do that unbtil they have a replacement.
Word on the street her contract is up completely and a Don & Mike are taking over live soon to replace her.
Miserable DON and Alcoholic MIKE may just be back from 'vacation' MonDEE Live, if not next Monday. And I think thats when the very interesting CRASH and BURN will begin on NEW :rolleyes:


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Will they have instant feedback???
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<STRONG>Will they have instant feedback???</STRONG>
Does it really matter whether they do or dont cause i can guarantee you nobody is gonna be listening to them anyway.


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They have an audience. So people will be listening. I am just pissed that Ron & fez are moving to 7-11. It sucks. I will listen to Don and Mike but only because there is nothing else to do at work. Oh besides work. But who really wants to do that? I will isten on Mondee, Mondeee!!

Truth is the only part I like about their show is the begining when they play the "Mr. son of a beetch" clip. That cracks me up, then I shut off the radio. I will give them a shot though.


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do any one know what new stations the guys are goimg to be on besides wjfk on monday :confused:


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D&M need instant feedback since they really need to know what people think of their show.
so let me get this straight OnA are gonna be on wjfk tomorrow?!?! if true i'll prolly lose complete control of myself tomorrow when i turn it on. but alas i will be happy though im moving back to nj in 2 months.


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I think that we will have to wait another week... :p