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Well finally the management at WNEW official announced the NEW fall line up. Which anyone who was paying attention to WNEW could have figured out.

6 am-10 am Sports Guys
10 am - 3 pm Don and Mike
3 pm - 7 pm Opie and Anthony
7 pm - 11 pm Ron and Fez
11- 3 Love Lines
3-6 Don and Mike Repeats

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I heard. I listened to the best of today. They played some great stuff. I like the line-up. I am going to give Don and Mike a legitimate chance. I think they have the potential to make me laugh. Though I will miss Ron and Fez. 7pm-1am is my TV time. So I will sacrifice to listen to them.

As for the 3-5:30 hours, I am thinking maybe those commercial programs. Then the black rock coalition.

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That is a pretty decent schedule there. I am so glad that i am gonna get to listen to Ron and Fez once again. I think they will do great in that time slot and they should get alot of there old audience back from the 11pm timeslot.


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Ron and Fez are next. I wonder if O & A will make alittle appearance for the the cool circus's new time slot.?.


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do any one know the weekend line up
From what I heard, D&M is replayed from 3 am to 6am... But I might be wrong.