Woman sentenced to 40 lashes - for calling a bear 'Mohammed'


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Sudan has arrested a British teacher for insulting faith and religion, the British Foreign Office said Monday.

Gillian Gibbons, 54, is being held by police in Sudan's capital, Khartoum, and has not been charged, British officials said.

Numerous media reports say Gibbons was arrested after allowing her class of 7-year-olds to name a teddy bear "Mohammed."

That could be seen as an insult to the Prophet Mohammed, the reports said.

Blasphemy is punishable with 40 lashes under Islamic Sharia law, Britain's Press Association news agency reported.

Gibbons asked the children to pick a name for the bear as part of a lesson on animal habits at Unity High School, PA said.

A British Embassy spokesman in Khartoum was quoted as saying the naming of the bear did not cause immediate trouble.

"The children chose the name because it is very common here," the spokesman told PA.

"This happened in September and the parents did not have a problem with it."

Unity director Robert Boulos told Reuters news agency that Gibbons was arrested Sunday at her home on school grounds after a number of parents made a complaint to Sudan's Ministry of Education.

He said she had since been charged with "blasphemy," an offense he said was punishable with up to three months in prison and a fine, Reuters.com reported.

Gibbons left the northwestern English city of Liverpool for Sudan in July, PA said.

A family spokeswoman told the agency: "I have spoken with her children and they do not want to say anything and aggravate the situation over there."

Boulos told Reuters he had decided to shut the school until January for fear of reprisals. The school on its Web site calls itself a "British international school" teaching children aged 4 to 18.

"This is a very sensitive issue," Boulos was quoted as saying on Reuters.com.

"We are very worried about her safety," he added. "This was a completely innocent mistake. Miss Gibbons would have never wanted to insult Islam."
Fucking savages.


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do the children get the lashes as well since they are the one's who named the bear?
fucking idiotic and stupid and some wonder why that part of the world is a problem.
I wonder what they do to a person who's named Mohamed but totally rejects the religion?

I'm scared.

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They should all be shot.

The bear should be called Teddy.


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do the children get the lashes as well since they are the one's who named the bear?
But she's the foreigner. As a guest in their country who is trying to help it's all her fault. Damn white interlopers. /sarc


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nothing surprises me out of that part of the world anymore


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Why would any westerner want to go to any of those countries ?????


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If Mohammed is supposed to be such a revered and iconic name, then why even allow Joe Arab to name his kid that, let alone a dumb teddy bear?


I'm bi-winning.
Why would any westerner want to go to any of those countries ?????
Oh, and QFT. People who go over there out of some "goodness of their hearts" should be disavowed. I could see having your company transfer you (of course at that point, I'd start job shopping), but just like those missionaries from South Korea who wanted to help and got kidnapped (and some killed), non-Muslims have no fucking business being over there unless they're equipped with night vision, heavy artillery, and air support.


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Why would any westerner want to go to any of those countries ?????

Even as a kid and watching say, Indiana Jones, I would wonder why anyone would go to these countries.

I'm so xenophobic I don't even want to leave New Jersey anymore. I think these people are just naive and believe they can change/help people. Unfortunately it takes their headless corpse in a ditch for the message to get through that indeed they cannot.


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:action-sm <---- Mohammed

Annnnd I'm officially eligible for capital punishment under Islam.

That was easy.


There's nothing quite like a shorn scrotum.
.... non-Muslims have no fucking business being over there unless they're equipped with night vision, heavy artillery, and air support.
That's the only way I'd go there.


it's a funny name
when you go live in the jungle and prattle on and on about how "great" it is and how "civilized" they are, don't whine when the monkeys turn around and bite you in the ass

dumb cunt

i have no sympathy


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Bunch of fucking backwards thinking numbskulls.

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Why do these savages feel it necessary to name their beer??


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Why do these savages feel it necessary to name their beer??
I was so there with you when I first read the headline. I mean, sometimes it's like a religious experience, you know, after four or five...


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She got sentenced to 15 days in a Sudan jail whose conditions are considered some of the worst in the world. Was that enough?

What do you think?

These fucking eggplants want her put to death.

I pray Israel one day gets fed up and just starts nuking these fucking savages. :icon_evil
Why do people from real countries go to these third world toilets and try to help the people there? Those are the people causing much of the world's problems through immigration, backward Islamist ideas, and overpopulation. Wouldn't it be better to isolate these primitive savages and not provide them with food, medicine or the ability to travel to modern countries?


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I saw BBC News today and in Sudan they are now protesting and calling for her to be EXECUTED, looks like The British government will have to intervene and get her out of there.


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No No, you have it all wrong. There's nothing inherently superior about Western civilization. These are just examples of the many wonderous cultures that exist in the world that westerners want to trample and destroy. It's all morally equal you know. We should embrace and celebrate these differences in our cultures and learn from one another.

It just struck me her name is Gibbons and that's exactly who she's being tried and punished by.


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The put her into hiding:
Teacher Hidden As Sudan Mob Urges Death
KHARTOUM, Sudan (AP) - Thousands of Sudanese, many armed with clubs and swords and beating drums, burned pictures of a British teacher Friday and demanded her execution for insulting Islam by letting her students name a teddy bear Muhammad.

Sudan's Islamic government, which has long whipped up anti-Western, Muslim hard-line sentiment at home, was balancing between fueling outrage over the case of Gillian Gibbons and containing it.

The government does not want to seriously damage ties with Britain, but the show of anger underlines its stance that Sudanese oppose Western interference, lawyers and political foes said. The uproar comes as the U.N. is accusing Sudan of dragging its feet on the deployment of peacekeepers in the war-torn Darfur region.

Many in the protesting crowd shouted "Kill her! Kill her by firing squad!"

In response to the rally in central Khartoum, Gibbons was moved from the women's prison across the Nile in Oumdurman to a secret location, her chief lawyer Kamal al-Gizouli told the Associated Press. He said he visited her there to discuss her conviction Thursday on charges of insulting Islam.

The 54-year-old Gibbons, who was sentenced to 15 days in jail, spoke Friday with her son John and daughter Jessica in Britain by telephone.

"One of the things my mum said today was that I don't want any resentment towards Muslims," the son told AP. "She's holding up quite well."

Despite the fervor of the protest, the rest of Khartoum was quiet. The rally was far smaller than February 2006 protests held with government backing after European newspapers ran caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, suggesting popular anger over Gibbons did not run as deep.

In their mosque sermons Friday, several Muslim clerics harshly denounced Gibbons, saying she had intentionally insulted the prophet, but they not call for protests and said the punishment ordered by the court was sufficient.

Still, after prayers, several thousand people converged on Khartoum's Martyrs Square, near the presidential palace, and began calling for Gibbons' execution. Many seemed to be from Sufi groups, religious sects that emphasize reverence for the prophet.