Woman Shocked As 'N-Word' Appears In Typing Test


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Mar 3, 2008 11:35 pm US/Pacific
Woman Shocked As 'N-Word' Appears In Typing Test

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) ― A woman was stunned and a software company apologetic after an offensive word showed up on a computerized typing test. Monica Loadholdt was using Perfect Typing Pro, a software program made by Cosmi, when the 'N word' showed up in one of the typing exercises.

"I just stopped," Monica remembers. "I said, 'What did I just type here?'"

Monica quickly sent an e-mail to the Cosmi Corportation. Cosmi replied to CBS13, saying, "It is in no way something we would ever desire to have in our software. It was a mistake not caught by our quality assurance team.'"

They also indicated that they offered Monica an apology, but she says she hasn't received any reply. "I would appreciate a response, I think I deserve that," she said.

Cosmi has already made a fix. A patch is available that removes the offensive passage from the program.
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LINK: http://wjz.com/national/typing.test.snafu.2.668616.html

LINK: http://www.cosmi.com/static/Perfect_Typing_Pro.aspx


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"I just stopped," Monica remembers. "I said, 'What did I just type here?'"

Must not have been that N-word. I'd think a black person wouldn't have a problem recognizing that one.

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hahah, her name is Load-hold


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I call Shenanigans.....those people don't apply for jobs


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Ok what if she was typing a passage from Uncle Tom's Cabin?? What was the context??????


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she should logon to a call of duty 4 server