Woman Strips Naked And Brocks Amburance Carrying Away Her Husband's Injured Mistress


A Chinese woman was so outraged about her husband's extramarital affair that she ran over his mistress and the mistress's daughter -- and then stripped naked and laid on the ground to prevent an ambulance from taking the critically wounded woman to the hospital.

The dramatic scene was captured on video after Zhang Shih, 38, reportedly drove her car head-on into the mistress who was riding a bike with her 4-year-old daughter in the back, reports the NY Daily News.

Then, when the unconscious girl was removed from under the car and placed in an ambulance along with her mother, Zhang, a university teacher, blocked the vehicle. She didn't budge, even after police arrived and surrounded her with guns drawn, reports the Daily Mail.

To compound the tragedy, the girl died at the hospital and her mother is in critical condition. Zhang faces charges of murder and attempted murder and could be sentenced to death, reports Beijing Shots.



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