WOOT.COM selling an Inno today, the comments are a riot


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jbi1104 wrote:This unit has good reception, as long as you are not in a building or in a vehicle. :haha7:


Staten Island Sucks
is that deal any good for a refurb inno?

Baggy Spandex

This stinks and I don't like it.
Haha, I love it. I had to contribute myself :p

Razor Roman

w00t for Simby?

(damn lack of bizarro)


Who is John Galt?
I gotta start checking woot in the morning. This is one thing I would have loved to get.


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I gotta start checking woot in the morning. This is one thing I would have loved to get.
download the Wootalyzer

or if you're using firefox there's the Woot Watcher https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/4458

I can't tell you anything about Wootalyzer, but Woot Watcher sits at the bottom of your screen and just tells you what the item of the day is & for how much. Right clicking on the words bring up the page itself. So simple, even I can use it :)


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I collected some of the posts by O&A fans. Time to laughhhhhhhhhhhhhh and lauuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh away:

Board Room Jimmy says: Buy three Innos and hold onto them until the price drops then sell them at a lower cost. Remember, buy low and sell even lower. FRUCTOSE FUTURES!!!

damn it!

"I like weeeeeeeeaarrr Wolf MOOOVIES!"

"I fight vampires."

I like finguhnell polishhhh.

prttymf8 wrote:"I like finguhnell polishhhh."
Reply by another user "My body. Is work. My body feels angry sometimes. I sweat. My belly hurts. I try."
Reply by another user to the line above "thought they was givin' the man UPS, I thought he was dead."

I like turtles.

The Sirius units are a much better value because they include a flatbed truck to carry them.
Or you could flush this down a toilet, buy Sirius, and smurf your mother.


I can't order!
I love your products for 5 somethin years. I just hope all of the home/portable components come in the packeej.
Ramon. Get me a car kit.
liiiiiiiiiiiiiinger longerrrrr

Can I watch 2 girls 1 cup on this thing???

I love all the O&A references in this thread....surely they're from 'baggers.
If this were 1990, I'd be a stern fan, because that's when he was relevant. That, and O&A actually give a crap about their fanbase. When was the last time you bought Howard a beer? Didn't think so....oh wait...he's too cool to hang with his fans...
Buy it up! XM202! You won't ever look back.

Chester's Liver Rocks Stern any day. O and A party rock!!

Stern Fan: "you obviously dont have sirius. stern is great, 5 years ago he was on the decline because of the fcc. now its like the old days again. oppie and faggy? give me a break. they do a stern rip of show and badly at that. dont talk bad about something just because youre stuck listening to crap."
O&A Fan Reply "im Norton is the ebullient one... although it's not ebullient if money is exchanged. Or unless you push back. Or if it's Frank Vincent and you're Robert Kelly. Well, maybe then it is."

Random Post: "Zune has better sound quality that ipod and Sansa.'
O&A Fan Reply "DOES it?"
(You goto linger longer for that one...)

O&A Fan in response to a Stern fan: "I'm sure you hate O&A right?
Good little programmed robots.

They're both funny to listen to once you get over yourselves. =) "