World in Conflict


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In case anyone's missed this, it's an RTS game set in an alternate history where the Cold War never ended and results in a Soviet invasion of America. Kinda like Red Dawn, but with more real military tactics and less Patrick Swayze.

I usually can't stand real-time strategy games, because of all the resource gathering and base building just gets on my nerves. But this seems to bypass most of that, leaning more heavily on the action and combat tactics.

The demo's available, and there's also this kick-ass trailer that was released a couple of weeks ago. I may have to pick this one up.
i was playing the demo a little and really don't like the camera movement. you have to use wasd in conjunction with the mouse.


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I downloaded the demo and really do like the game. Even read there are two editions coming out, one coming with a DVD about SAC and some other extras while another will come with that, a Soviet & US Flag and a piece of the Berlin Wall(Eat that Halo 3!!LOL!). Both will come with a mousepad.
Here are some more trailers that were pretty good:
(I like this one because of the Vice City type feel....)


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Loving this game, it's a lot like Ground Control.


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Anyone else buy this game? It's fucking fantastic! It's kinda like Command and Conquer only fun! I bought it without even knowing what it was about... I was thinking a Call of Duty type game, and was pleasantly surprised. The limited edition comes with a piece of the Berlin wall... I thought that was kinda cool. It got some badass reviews to boot, so go buy it if you have a somewhat decent computer.

Haven't taken it online yet, perhaps tomorrow.


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I think there was already a thread but I'm not gonna bother looking for it. It's a good game though, kinda like ground control. The multiplayer is pretty unique too.


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I'm loving this game.... and I just tried online today, which blew me away, fast paced and fun


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I can't get past the level where I'm in the mountains and have to defend the bridge. I've tried two times, but at the same time I feel it's 100% possible. I'm just a dope at this game. Very fun.