World Record Holder Can't Smash Car Window

mr. sin

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wtf is up with the reporters skin color?



All out of Bubble Gum.
instantly reminded me of...


The Godfather

Spark it up for The Godfather and say!!!!!
I think the problem is for that black guy... the door isn't held in place or fastened to anything.

Everytime he hits it, it just bobbles around and absorbs the force.

Also, his skin is black... that's another problem too :)


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
a spring loaded center punch does a much quicker and cleaner job.


**I move away from the mic to fuck your mother.
wtf is up with the reporters skin color?
He's a reporter from Detroit named Lee Thomas. He's got vitiligo. He's public about it, but he still uses a shit load of makeup on air.