World Series Ticket Question


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A friend of mine at work insists that if you buy tickets for the Yankees (legit - from Ticketmaster) for the world series, and they don't advance, you still get charged for the tickets.

I am arguing with him that you don't get charged because there was no game. I don't see anything like this on Ticketmaster or

Anyone know the answer?


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I have to buy Giants post season tickets even if they dont make the playoffs. They dont make it or dont have a home playoff game and I get my money back. Id assume it works the same for any playoff tickets.


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It works similar to a concert cancellation. You're charged for the tickets at purchase, then refunded when the team doesn't advance. They can't charge you for an event that isn't going to occur.


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I wouldn't be too worried about buying World Series tickets for the Yankees right now.

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When I had season tickets, you would get a refund for ticket price, but....

they keep the "convenience" and shipping fees.