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'World sex championships' to defy ban by Warsaw mayor

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by T Brokenjaw, Oct 10, 2004.

  1. T Brokenjaw

    T Brokenjaw edhc.vze.com

    Aug 26, 2002
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    'World sex championships' to defy ban by Warsaw mayor

    Thu Oct 7, 4:11 PM ET
    [​IMG] Offbeat - AFP

    WARSAW (AFP) - The organisers of a Polish erotic fair vowed to defy a ban by the Warsaw mayor and go ahead in staging a contest for the woman who can have sex with as many men as possible.

    AFP Photo

    The four-day "Eroticon" festival, which opened in the Polish capital Thursday, plans to organise a "test" for women, dubbed the "world sex championships," despite an order from city hall banning the competition.

    "The contest will take place," said Krzysztof Garwatowski, a spokesman for the event's organisers, who appear to be counting on the publicity stunt to draw in the crowds.

    "Last year, the fair attracted more than 11,000 visitors. With all this publicity the mayor has generated for us, we hope to do even better this year," Garwatowski told AFP.

    The mayor's office said a day earlier it had contacted the Warsaw public prosecutor's office accusing the event's organisers, an adult magazine publisher, of procuring women, a crime carrying up to a three-year jail term.

    "We are not breaking the law. We don't see any reason why we should leave Warsaw just because a municipal official doesn't like what we do," insisted Garwatowski.

    He added that the organisers would sue right-wing mayor Lech Kaczynski for defamation.

    "We have nothing to do with prostitution," the spokesman said.

    For days, large advertising posters have been plastered around the streets of Warsaw announcing that the "sex world record" will be beaten.

    Poland, with a more than 90 percent Catholic population, is a conservative society but pornography and sexual services are openly on sale.

    Garwatowski explained that the "world sex championships" was being staged for a pornographic film by Pink Press, which sells 60 percent of the pornographic magazines and makes four out of every five erotic films in Poland.

    Held in an exhibition centre near the centre of Warsaw, the fifth annual Eroticon festival includes some 20 stands offering pornographic films, books, lingerie and erotic shows.

  2. Stinkysteve

    Stinkysteve BANNED ! ! !

    Aug 26, 2002
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    the last time they tried this, the Polish lesbians kept chipping their teeth on the vibrators.

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