World's least exciting tornado strikes Ocean City, MD


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Today at 3:43 p.m., as storms moved across the Maryland coastline, a strong pillar of whirling air appeared over the raging surf in Ocean City, Md.

Onlookers unfazed by the prospect of facefuls of driving sand, rusty fishing hooks and driftwood captured the weak tornado, or waterspout, on video ("Holy crow!") The twister appeared to split at one point, then dissipated just as quickly as it had formed.

The National Weather Service reported about a half hour after this sighting that there was a line of thunderstorms moving near Mobjack Bay, about 180 miles southwest of Ocean City, capable of producing waterspouts and winds up to 40 knots. The agency is "looking into reports" of a possible tornado in O.C., said the Associated Press:

Rick Curry, NWS observation program leader in Wakefield, Va., says there have been unconfirmed reports of a tornado and wind damage near 75th Street on Thursday afternoon.... Fire department spokesman Ryan Whittington says buildings and multiple vehicles were damaged in the 75th Street area, but no major injuries were reported.
Sheeet! I bet if we had one in Ocean City, NJ it would fuck some shit up. Fags


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Fucking bullshit. That's not even an F1. Now it had been an F5 . . . *drops fork*

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I think my old hometown has it beat...



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I think my old hometown has it beat...

this tornado has it beat