World's Most Insane Rope Swing Ever

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wow the end with the chick is sooooo fucking wrong!

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BRB, got to pull my scrotum out of my abdomen.


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3:07 on the first video caught Ant's Hexacopter in frame..


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Oh HELL YES i would. Everything but the zero degree camping. The behind the scenes video was great too.


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I only saw the first vid. Does the longer one say what type of line they used and how often they changed it?


I need a Vacation
You'd rather jump off a giant cliff and swing by a rope than buy a good sleeping bag?

I'm pretty sure I won't die from the swing, but I guarantee I will be cold in ANY sleeping bag in a tent if its zero degrees out.


Sheriff's Lt. Kim Neal tells The Salt Lake Tribune the length of rope from the arch was miscalculated and sent Stocking swinging into the ground as he went under the red sandstone formation.
If math is not your strong suit, double check it.


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He probably cut off the wrong end of the rope when he measured.