Worst OF today???


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In the words of Opie: " We got fucked, wee in court today". For some reason they were in court today. I am sure we will find out tomorrow.


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I didn't hear much of the show today but wasn't today also the worst of? If it wasn't can somebody tell me what the hell happenned. I can't take 2 days of rock blocks in a row.


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Well todays show was funny
it was not a worst off..
But they talked about the sick perv that calls the women on the phone that was in the news,OJ,Darel Strawberry,and some shit about Monkey Man shit in Idia....
they talked a little about the softball game saying that It might not be in Newark but yet I also heared it still might be... So I dont kow what is goin on with that cause they didnt talk about it after


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I need to start focusing on the show more instead of my dead end job. I only heard the first half hour but I thought sure I heard it before thats why I thought it was worst of again. Thanks for filling me in.