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Wikipedia Founder Breaks Up With Girlfriend Via Wikipedia

Dumping someone via text message is cruel. Dumping them via Facebook status message, for all your friends to see, is even more cruel. But dumping someone by updating a Wikipedia page that all the world can see, well, that's an entirely different realm of cruelty. Alas, that's exactly what Wikipedia co-founder Jim Wales did to announce the termination of relations with his fling, former Fox News correspondent Rachel Marsden.

The whole story rides a tawdry wave of sexy chat transcripts and accusations of improper behavior among the hallowed keepers of the Wiki. Wales admits meeting Mardsen after she made complaints to the site about some things posted on her Wiki page. The two later met and started a relationship, at which point Wales says he banned himself from any involvement in future edits of Marsden's page. Apparently, however, things started to go sour when Wales indicated the two were separated via an update to the globally public Wikipedia itself (originally posted here), only telling Mardsen herself directly (via IM) later.

Marsden, rather irate about the dumping, turned around and leaked some sexy chat transcripts to Valleywag in which, among other things, the two lovers plan out their sexual antics and discuss privacy concerns regarding Google. She then followed that up by posting some of Wales' personal items on eBay, a likewise unclassy move but, given the circumstances, perhaps not entirely unwarranted.
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I'm surprised you don't hear about more break-up/engagement videos on youtube. A guy clapping can make the front page of yahoo, on Valentine's Day I would have bet that you'd see a "Most Romantic Proposal Ever" headline on Yahoo followed by a link to some jerkoff asking his chick to marry him via Youtube.