Would it be illegal and has anyone ever rebroadcast the show from their car?


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I saw when the boys first came to XM, a car that said "tune to channel 179 to hear O and A for free" or something like that. An AC converter and a rebroadcast thinger from Myradiostore should do it. That way cars around you could listen in. I spend like 3 hrs a day on the parkway and thought this would be a cool way to spread the virus. I doubt a trooper would bother to bust my balls right?
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You wouldn't need any type of converter for other cars to hear your XM. If, for some reason they happen to tune into the same FM channel you have your XM coming through and they are within 100 or so feet, the XM will broadcast through their radio. I used to do this at work (before I cancelled). I would park my car closest to the door, leave my XM on and tune the radio at work into the channel its set to
Yes it's illegal because you don't have a license to broadcast over public airwaves. That's why the FCC wanted XM to recall their old FM modulators in cars because they broadcast an FM frequency.

The signal is weak, but someone in a car near yours can tune into your XM radio. I was talking about it with a guy I work with a while back and I just told him to tune into the FM channel that I have my XM set to and he was able to sit there listening to Opie and Anthony.


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Back when I had a Roady 2, a friend and I were driving together and I had him tune in. He could hear for up to a quarter mile, easy. Of course out here, there was zero interference from other stations.

I can hear my MyFi in it's home cradle for 200 yards around my house.


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Radio signals weaken at a consistant logarithmic rate. The FCC mandates a set signal strength at set distance requires a license to broadcast. XM's old units broke that distance issue and the FCC cracked down on them. It's perfectly legal AFAIK to use a modulator that broadcasts under a certain power across the FM frequencies. The only issue would be you gypping XM of some cash.