Would you buy a $599 or $999 coffee machine from Starbucks


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Starbucks may have figured out a way to make its near-$4 Caffe Latte seem like a bargain: It's rolling out a $599 Starbucks espresso machine this holiday.
For just the second time, Starbucks is placing its name on a high-end hot beverage machine. It co-developed the Sirena espresso maker with a likely partner: BMW's design team. Little wonder the highbrow machine, whose name means "mermaid," looks a bit like a BMW dashboard.

For Starbucks, it's all about image — and sales. With its same-store sales growth slowing and its stock price seriously softening, the chi-chi coffee kingpin is refocusing on core customers with moola to spend by offering a larger assortment of upscale coffee products. It's trying to own the superpremium coffee-buying experience not only inside the store but at home.

"They want to own the world," says Al Wittemen, retail strategist at TracyLocke. "Will this increase Starbucks' share of stomach? I think it will."

Like Starbucks, many of its customers are focused on self-image. "The excess of Starbucks is the gift that people give themselves," says Bryant Simon, author of the upcoming book Consuming Starbucks. "The more expensive the gift, the more we love ourselves."

Starbucks is heavily promoting Sirena on its website. The espresso maker is in step with Chairman Howard Schultz's demand that Starbucks refocus on its coffee culture. In a memo leaked earlier this year, Schultz said Starbucks was "watering down the Starbucks experience" with too many other non-coffee items.

"This machine can be a centerpiece in the kitchen," says Maria Kaplan, director of the Coffee at Home division at Starbucks. "Customers are interested in coffee as part of a culinary experience."

Among its features, the machine has a rapid steam component that uses two small boilers.

For Starbucks, it's a matter of following consumer habits. While there's no growth in most of the coffee world, superpremium sales are at a 9% growth pace.

Sirena — sold at 2,100 suburban Starbucks stores and at Starbucks.com — isn't the most expensive espresso machine sold by Starbucks. It sells an even more upscale Magnifica for $999. But officials expect Sirena to be the big holiday hit.


Screw you guys, I'm going home.
2 girls and one cup is better than the shit that Starbucks sells.

I can buy a lifetime of Mr. Coffee makers for that price.


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I don't drink coffee...Now a Diet Pepsi machine maybe...but only if the more expensive one dispensed really good rum in it as well


Yeah....Wait What?
Fuck Starbucks maaaan.

Dunkin Donuts all the way thats what I say.
and no I wouldnt spend that much any way

Razor Roman

I prefer to get my coffee from 7-11 or WaWa anyhoo.


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I a nekkid George Clooney will be serving me the coffee then I might consider it. Since that's about as likely as my running in next year's NY Marathon and not breaking a sweat a la Katie Holmes, I'd have to give a resounding NO FUCKING WAY!


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The vet clinic that my wife works at is having an addition built this winter, and he is having one of these fucking things installed for the clients. What a tool.
It's crossed my mind. IF you can sufficently replicate the taste at home for that price the machine would pay for it'self in 6 month if your a Starbucks fan. or even a coffee connisour. We've looked at seveal different companies, Kitchenaid, DeLonghi, and a few others, and Starbucks makers are way over priced just becuase it says Starbucks. Still a top quality coffee make is about $600 to $800, and thats less then half the price of coffee you buy by the cup if you drink it everyday. I'm hoping Santa brings one this year.

$5 a day
X 7 days a week
= $35
X 4 weeks
= $140
x 12 months
= $1680 a year.


No. Don't drink coffee. I would buy a machine that makes diet dew. Or better yet, RUM!!!!!
No, i bought a $24 programmable coffee maker and it works just fine. Fuck Starbucks. Only morons go buy coffee from there every day.


opant: shut up patti
no. starbucks coffee stinks. i only drink dunkin donut coffee


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Fuck Starbucks, I like the new McD's coffee much better, and it's faster too.