Would you...


Guess who's back? Hoffman's back
Kill a man to have anal sex with his corpse?

Is that gay, or is that hot?


Psst... your balls are showing...
It is nether gay or hot. In the eyes of the law it's defiling a corpse. :siren:kjk::nuts::jail2:
thank you larry literal

and to answer the question, only if he had an ass like li'l jimmy norden

Tax Payer

finaly something that offends white people
why don't you have anal with him before you kill him, and then after so you can compare... that way it becomes a science experiment and it is no longer gay


Mrs. Fuckin Funny
since i dont' have a dick i guess the answer is no. i would definitely watch though.

Tax Payer

finaly something that offends white people
The 2 are not mutally exclusive.

i agree, but it is always good to have a control in an experiment. so i think a nice tight living man's ass would fit the bill

IsThatATrain ?

Some things look better with a few dents in them.
Do what I do...er...I mean...what Jeffrey Dahmer did....drill a little hole in their skull, and pour in a little battery acid. This way, they'll stay alive for a few days so you can get a little mileage out of 'em before you have to kill them. Just saying.
Try buying him a drink, you might not have to kill him. Just sayin'.