WOW Cake

Creeping Douche

"And this guy's sayin', whaddya want from me?"
I'm picturing that dork from the November Rain video falling or jumping into it.

That shit is still a mystery to me.


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what is the point of the cake...just for the fuck of it?


Wackbag's version of The Miz
now u gotta make 1 that feeds all of Wackbag.


I've been infected with The Virus!!!
haha.. I made the cake today for Niklbag's B-day couple weeks ago.
Nikibag earned that cake :)

nice cake btw, all that chocolate frosting...


A real giirrrrllllllllllllllllll
Kickass, Jers, now I have a great anniversary idea! :p

Sct Ptersns Twn

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Nice, :wowsmilie for some reason the pics did not come up the first time I saw this thread."whaa"


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How come Anthony's name is bigger than poor Op's? That's not gonna make him feel good.:)


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I bet if you cut the xm part off it would taste better.

That's cause xm sux

Razor Roman

my mouth is watering thinking of your cake.

and other things too.