WOW needed in Houston

Pablo Java

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Nov 17, 2005
Need help on finding this girl who is a fan of O&A here in Houston

I pulled into the liquor store parking lot and couldn't fit in this parking spot...this girl was walking toward a car next to the spot I was in and I backed up(to check her out) to let her get in and then I could park. She got in the car and I pulled in and went to get the keg out of the truck. She backed out and rolled down her window and said something like "That's a cool sticker" I couldn't figure out what she meant and then she said she hadn't put hers on yet and showed me a WOW sticker. I continued to say dumb shit about O&A and then I let her go without even asking a name or figuring out where she lived to drive by on Wednesday. Anyway, I Stink...and she should post on this board or WOW me.

Surprised their are a few fans in Houston