WOW sticker on The Job!


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The show itself was hysterical, but on Adam Ferrara's(Dt. Manetti) desk there was a WOW sticker as plain as day. I was like holy shit! It was bigger than the usual sticker too.

That aside, if you have yet to watch this show, make sure you watch it next week. It is definitely going to win an award for best new comedy. I was laughing my balls off the whole half hour.


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I was freakin out watchin it....
I love that show The has to be one of the best shows that has come out...
The wow sticker next to Adam was great i was lovin it


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I hope nothing happens to the sticker. ;)


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It was another great episode of "The Job" last night. It was hysterical, Adam and Lenny kept moving a dead body out of their jurisdiction, so they didn't have to deal with the paperwork. They also setup a telescope, so they could check out this chick across the street from their station. The problem was she had a dresser blocking their view, so they went to her apartment dressed as gas men and said they had to move the dresser, because it was blocking the ventilation.

Then at the end there was a faint sign of the WOW sticker, all you could see was the "W" but it was still representing. :)
Mav your eyes are better than mine. I watched the whole show,looking for the sticker...didn't see it.
Very funny show last night, seems to just be getting better each week. ;)


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It does get better every week the show is addictive as hell


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Darn I missed the show. :( If there was a WOW sticker there, that is so cool I can't believe it!! Probably was Adam's idea. He likes O&A, doesn't he? That's so cool though. :) They should promote WOW stickers more often. Would be nice if a movie came out where the character drives around with a WOW sticker and hot chicks flash him. ;) :p :D


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It was there again, clear as day, when they were bringing in the chick that Adam was hitting on the whole show. This was another classic show. Definitely the best comedy on Television. It never fails in making me laugh. Every episode that I have seen was funny. Watch this damn show!!