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Classic show. There were so many guests today. I love the new WOW song. Did anyone listen today? I was hoping there would be atleast 1 topic about the show. I was loving the jeri interview. I wish they didn't pound her so hard. I would have loved to see some pictures of her in the studio. She is a fucking hotty. Bitch or not. Opie got anthony wriled up. In the begining Opie was tha badass. All of a sudden anthony became the "evil anthony". I can get you on the sopranos for a blowjob. I almost busted a lung. Awesome mess of a show.


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todays show rocked and yes the wow song was awesome as hell....
I liked the part where Igor the one who beat Janice for the leg called into the show. He said he was a stand-up comic and when he told some of his jokes they blowed and its was funny.


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I liked the part where Pussy's wife's Dog called in Hee hee Wink Wink that was funny also :D ;) :) :p
Oh shit i missed that part. So that was the other guest they had from The Sopranos call into the show. Heh heh LOL!!!

Maybe tomorrow the fish from Tonys dream will call into the show.