Shawn Michaels is expected back within the next few week's. Michaels is set to have a major role on the outcome of the WrestleMania main event, which will feature the Rock vs. Steve Austin.

Foley is expected back around 2 week's before WrestleMania. The WWF had a Foley vs. Vince match on the cards, but now Foley has no plans on wrestling anytime soon. This of course is the decision on Foley and not the WWF


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cool. Do you know if anything special is gonna happen on Raw tonight? Tonight's show should be good. I like the way they ended smackdown on thursday. Raw should be good tonight.
Yeah RAW should be good tonight but there has not been much said about tonights show.
These are the RAW's that are really must see's cause you never know when Vince will just throw something at you.