Wrestling News & Rumors

now i am really into wrestling and i know that pretty much 90% of the stuff you read on the internet is false and 80% is just disgustingly false and innacurate. I have a few sources of my own and here are some of the rumors that i feel are true and some news.

-Mark Henry is going to announce his retirement from wrestling soon. Henry who was demoted to the ohio wrestling league to lose some weight and get his staminia up has failed to do so and he just can't do it.

-Ken Shamrock is ready to come back to the WWF but shamrock wants a top spot in the wwf and in the story lines.

-The Owen Hart case has finally reached a settlement. The wwf has been ordered to pay 7 million dollars plus an even larger undisclosed amount of money to the Hart family for the Death of Owen Hart back in 1999.

-Shawn Michaels has been rumored to be making a return to the ring for wrestlemania 2001. Since the event will be held in Texas. Shawn refused to comment but he did say he has signed on to Guest referee several future PPV matches.

Hulk Hogan - ofocurse is suing the WCW for defemation of character and violating his rights that were given to him in his contract. Well hogan is in negotiations to start his own wrestling organization. I forget the name of it but it will try to join the big 3 wwf, wcw, ecw and become the 4th. Hogan is working on a TV contract with USA the former station that hosted WWF raw for almost 20 years before they moved to TNN. Hogan has already signed such legends as Macho man Randy savage and Brutus The barber beefcake, and The Ultimate Warrior to his league.

-It looks like WCW may not be sold after all, The company willjust cut some of the costs of the federation especially road costs. And it will make a huge cut to the roster. It already has they released brian knobbs and Horace Hogan it is actually rumored WCW wants to release Diamond Dallas Page all i have to say is ABOUT TIME.

Thats all i can remember now


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Gonzo, Do you know how the Big Show is doing down in Ohio? Is he ever coming back?

Running Fn drunk down the streets of NYC!!!

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The big show is doing pretty well down there he is really working hard and wants to come back but he's not rushing it. he wants to get his "work" level up. They are working on his stamina with cardiovascular workouts. But Mark Henry Couldn't cut it and he will probably be announcing his retirement soon.
I always liked the Big Show he is much better in WWF than he ever was in the WCW.
Mark Henry thats too bad.

Running Fn drunk down the streets of NYC!!!