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There are a lot of shitty Wrestling Radio shows and Podcasts out there. Thought I would share a good one with you guys.

The LAW- They broadcast from 12pm-2am every Sunday, they do PPV recaps, they have Dave Meltzer on the show every week and they usually have a really good interview with someone. You can listen online or you can subscribe to their podcast feed on iTunes and it will update automatically.
Also their producers do three review shows-

All are available on iTunes--
Review A Raw- Recaps Raw and that it posted on Tuesdays
Review A Wai- They Review a classic show from the past- That one is posted on Wednesday's
Review A Impact- They review/Bash TNA that one is posted on Fridays

Also Colt Cabana's Podcast is great-

Just thought I'd share


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Review a Wai is fucking great. The highlight of my Wednesdays
I enjoy www.pwrshow.com as well. I'll definitely be checking out The LAW and Review A Wai. Reviewing a classic show every week sounds great.


Lingering Longer since summer of '06
Here is a link to Review A Wai's archive they have some really great stuff-


Also you can follow them on Twitter at

Also former WWE Creative Writers are awesome to follow on Twitter-
Seth Mates- He has great rants about Raw after the show is over, calls them out on all bullshit
David Lagana- TNA Wrestling (2011-beyond) Ring of Honor (2009-2011) WWE Writer/Producer (2002-2008) He also created the site and Podcast called IWantWrestling
I Want Wrestling

There are a bunch more, if you want the links let me know


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I am partial to HTM Radio, run by none other than the Honky Tonk Man.