WTC pic ?????is it real?



did anyone recieve an e-mail, of a guy atop the WTC as the first plane was coming in?if so CAN you tell if this is real or not?please let me know :mad: :confused:
I received that mail and I am not sure but I do not believe it is real. The email stated that the camera was found in the wreckage and the film was developed. Fist of all, I believe a camera would most likely be destroyed in the collapse. Secondly, I think the dust from the collapse would have destroyed the film. Third, I am pretty sure that if the picture was real it would have made it's way to main stream media. Fourth, I think the relatives fo the person in the picture would have made stink about the picture being on the net and would have come forward to claim it. And finally, if a camera was found on the scene don't you think that the recovery teams or law enforcement agengies would have confiscated it as evidence?
So I don't think the picture is real but it is pretty creepy looking.


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Ok sorry to sound stupid but I never saw that pic.


can any of the modirators get this pic on the site? i think some people would like to see it, and give their opinions. :) :p


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Goto to see what all the commotion is about.
Here is the un-edited photo:

I wonder if you send it to Stingray, , if he will host the pic on the site or another and then show it in this topic.

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