WTF ate Nicole Eggert?

I'd still hit it. No one has to know you didn't fuck Charles In Charge/Baywatch Nicole Eggert.

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Some girls can carry extra weight and still look good. This not so much.
She seems to be one of those women who said "Fuck it" once she got pregnant and used it as an excuse to be a fat pig and eat everything that she could wrap her pork sausage fingers around...My wife respected herself enough to eat with moderation and only gain a manageable amount of weight...And she lost it all plus some within 3 months of having the baby....

I'm betting it's an excuse to eat like a fucking pig...probably got the gestational sweet blood too...


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photoshop voodoo... both shots being equal, they look about the same height. However.... the leg bones are much shorter these days. One of those photos may have been retouched.
As you can see from the angle of the ground in both pictures, the camera that took the picture on the right was about a foot lower. This, combined with the flat shoes in the right and heels on the left cancel each other out and makes the over all height look the same.

I'm don't do forensics, but I did see CSI once.

My personal opinion: Left picture = scorching hot! Right picture = kill it with fire!