WWE Sued Over Fatal Asthma Attack at SummerSlam 2008

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The family says that the pyrotechnics at the end of the show did it.

Family blames WWE, others for mom's fatal asthma attack
Judge ruled to let defendants stand

Posted: 07/04/2013
Last Updated: 3 days ago

INDIANAPOLIS - An Indianapolis mother died in 2008 after taking her two children to a wrestling event and her family said there are several groups to blame.

This week, her family won a small, but significant, victory in the Indiana Court of Appeals.

Susan Prim treated her sons Brodie and Tyler Prim to a World Wrestling Entertainment match, but toward the end of the action, Brodie Prim said his excitement turned to fear.

“She was telling us she was having trouble breathing, she wasn’t feeling too well and so we walked out. She collapsed, she was passed out,” Prim said.

The Prims were at what was then Conseco Fieldhouse for the nationally televised WWE Summer Slam on Aug. 17, 2008.

The Prims said smoke from the fireworks show in the final act caused the 36-year-old nurse to have a fatal asthma attack.

“She had been down too long without oxygen and she had no brain activity. They had her on life support but they told me she was already gone. The brain damage was so severe that she went from respiratory arrest to cardiac arrest and never came back from it,” Prim said.

The Prims filed a lawsuit against each group they said was responsible for making sure the show was safe.

Some of the defendants mentioned in the lawsuit include the Capital Improvement Board, the city of Indianapolis, Pacers Basketball, LLC, Conseco Fieldhouse, World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. and various other pyrotechnic and entertainment companies.

Earlier in the week, the Indiana Court of Appeals sided with the Prims and decided the list of defendants stands.

The defendants said they would not comment on the pending case.
This seems like a pretty frivolous lawsuit. If the woman had asthma, why didn't she have her inhaler with her at an event known to have explosives (or why didn't she use it if she did have it)? Why didn't she immediately seek a security guard or an usher to get her medical help? This reeks of blaming anyone with money for the dead person's bad decisions.