WWF buys WCW!!!

The WWF has just announced on wwf.com that they have bought WCW. This gonna be interesting to see what Vince is gonna do with it. I know he is the man for the job.
RAW is gonna be a cant miss this week. I think im actually gonna check out Nitro too this week for the first time in awhile. The rumor is that Shane McMahon will be in charge of WCW when its re-launched. I wonder which wrestlers are gonna show up on RAW and Nitro.


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lmao army..All I have to say is "finally". This is fucking sweet. I am gonna love it when all these invasions take place. WWF invading wcw and ecw invading both. This should boost up ratings again. If not vince always has the XFL to fall back on..hahaha :D
I was in a store today and some guy was talking to his friend on the phone about this and he said he heard that Booker T was rumored to be showing up at WM17 after the Main Event and challenging the Rock saying he stole his gimmick or maybe the current WCW Champ Scott Steiner. There is so much shit on the net about this half of it is probaly false but its cool to think of.


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Hell yeah it's fun to think of what might happen. that's why everyone loves rumors. That would be cool if booker t shoes up at wm17. bro if you can post some wrestling sites that you have visited, that would be cool. thanks.

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Ok these are some pretty sure things to happen tommorrow night on the biggest Monday Night in sports entertainment history.

Mick Foley and HBK are due to show up on RAW.
Foley is probaly gonna be involved in WM17 someway and HBK is expected to make announcement that he wants to wrestle again.

Vince McMahon i think is gonna be at Nitro. All the WCW roster has been told to be there.
There are gonna be WWF wrestlers at Nitro and most likely some WCW wrestlers at RAW.
Who knows but it will be fun to watch.


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wow nash and hall must be kicvk them self now the ran from the wwf to wcw now they are right back where they was
Yeah Nash is really kicking himself now. Poor Nash is gonna have to sit home and doing nothing but spend time with his family for the next ten months and only make about $2 million for it. Poor, poor Nash. Sure he is all torn up about this. Besides Nash didn't leave the WWF on bad terms and still has many friends in the WWF, including HHH and Vince himself.
This should be a great night for wrestling. HBK and Mick Foley should be at RAW and that means anything could happen.
As far as Nitro goes, there are lots of rumors about WWF superstars being on Nitro and a whole invasion angle taking place. I don't think that is gonna happen. First of all Vince is still competing with himself tonight so why would he make Nitro better then RAW. With Nitro being on first I don't see Vince blowing his wad before RAW comes on. I do think Shane O'Mac might be at Nitro and that the purchase will be mentioned but I don't see an invasion. I see a lot of hype and talk up for RAW and for the new WCW show on TNN.
I think Vince will allow WCW to have their night of champions without any WWF performers showing up. Don't get me wrong, I am sure there will be some sort of surprise or swerve but I don't see it involving any current WWF superstars. I believe that Booker T will take both belts belts tonight. I heard that Booker T has already signed with the WWF and the the WWF is not very interested siging Scott Steiner. I am not sure what the original plan for tonight was, but now I think Booker T will win. As far as Booker T at Wrestlemania X-seven, it could happen but not the way you think. If Booker T is there he will not be in the ring or challenging any WWF superstar. He might be in the crowd or recognized in some way but I don't see Vince putting Booker T in the main event status of the WWF right away. He has to many main eventers already. I believe Vince will keep the two federations seperate and build up WCW for a cross promotional supercard in a year or so. But then again Vince knows what he is doing and has surprised us many times before. We will just have to wait and see.
I heard that in Nitros first hour tonight The Hardys and Lita are gonna show up. I also heard that Vince himself is gonna be there and i think he is coming out on TV.

Nash could very well be just saying what he is saying about his intentions and other WCW wrestlers such as Goldberg and etc. Vince may have told them to say that.

How come i have heard no mention of Sting what is his status in terms of being signed by WWF or staying with the new WCW?

Here is another thing they are saying Austin is gonna turn heel at WM17.
They have been saying Austin would turn heel for a long time. Nothing new. The crowd still gives him pop and if you have attended any live shows on the East Coast you have heard that the Rock is starting to get heat. Then again on the West Coast it has been the opposite. Vince doesn't decide who is turning heel or face, he lets the crowd decide and gives the crowd what they want. Why do you think they still have house shows?

As far as tonights show. I don't think any of the WWF guys will be at WCW, except for Shane. I think they are gonna run an angle where Shane is running a competing organization against his father. Things are still up in the air and I am sure angle are being changed for both tonights shows and Wrestlemania. We will have to wait and see. The one thing I have heard that sounds kewl is that they have requested an extra hour of satelite time for Nitro. I don't think Nitro will run long, but I do think there will be some sort of interaction between the two shows. Probably after Nitro goes off the air though. Vince doesn't want to give Ted Turner any more rating boosts then he has to.

As far as Nash and Goldberg why wouldn't they sit home and collect their pay. Vince will not pay them what they are expecting. Unless AOL/Turner buys out their contracts they can't sing with Vince and if they take the buy out they are not gonna get their full contracts worth. Nash is getting old and tired and his contract is up in ten months. Why wouldn't he sit back and relax. By the time he returns people might have forgotten how bad his work in WCW was. Goldberg didn't even want to be a wrestler and now he has established himself and made a name for himself. He could collect his money and try to do more movies or help the animals or what ever else he wants to do. Most of the big name stars will sit back and collect their checks. They may even be waiting for another promotion to open up. You really think Bischoff is done? Jerry Jarrett was making noise about a promotion too. Lots of people will be looking for work, unfortunately most of them will be the ones who are bad in the locker room and not wanted by Vince.

As far as Sting goes, he is injured and rehabbing from elbow (I believe, might be shoulder)surgery. He took the time off when management wasn't doing anything right. I don't think he is expected back for a few more months.
Yeah i know that the Austin Heel turn has been mentioned every other minute for along time now. I was just being sarcastic with that one.

My reasons for saying that about Nash and Goldberg was just speculation. Maybe Booker T will win the WCW title off Scott Steiner tonight since nobody seems to want him.

I dont think Bischoff is done. I think he is gonna try and do this either by himself or with someone else. Maybe he will work with Jerry Jarrett or Hulk Hogan. Who knows but your right whoever is out there looking for work that they want start a federation with is not gonna be that good. I think Vince has the wrestling industry locked down for along time now.


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any way no matter what hapen raw is going to be the best yeah
Yup Yup Army!!! This is gonna be the biggest Monday night in Sports entertainment history.
I belive that vince might turn all main eventers and most mid carders heel, so face wcw can save the day. its like the oppisite of the nwo angle. They guys invading are the good guys. HEY AUSTIN!! I'M BUFF AND YOU AIN;T THE STUFF!!!


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I am going to miss WCW since I would watch it Sunday ever once in a while.