WWF Heat

I was there! It was fucking packed! My ex-girlfriend was on heat asking questions! That lil bitch caused me to drink! BTW, she wore a HHH shirt and was on the short side with short cropped hair. When she walked past me I said, "Enjoy yourself! While you're at RAW, I'll be there live!"

So, look for me, I'll be there with a sign!


I speak the human language
Lucky fuck. Cool bro, I'll keep an eye out. What will the sign say for christ sake? I hope it says something like WACKBAG, WACKBAG, WACKBAG, Ranma!<--I can understand you sticking your name in too. ;) :D
My sign said:
"Wendy is a skank!"

I do have some shots of RAW. They will be up this week.


I speak the human language
Cool bro. It must of been a ball. There had to be alot of O & A fans there. I seen like 5 Phat WOW signs. They were really done well. I gotta ask, the kid who jumped onto the apron, was he wearing a WOW shirt?