WWF Rumors

Ok guys here are some news and rumors i got off a great website www.rajahwwf.com its a good wrestling site devoted mainly to WWF but they also cover other federations.

Ok The Rock has been rumored to be in X-MEN 2 as the Beast.

The new Mrs Mcmahon should be revealed during the RAW or Smackdown before the Royal Rumble.

Not really anything else much to write about that everyone hasnt heard slow week.

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well here's c ouple of more

Shawn Michaels has been quoted as saying that he is ready to have atleast one last match and that it is all up to the wwf now how they will use him. But he is ready, willing and able.

Viscera may be coming back after all but on a show by show basis no contract. He will be teaming up with K=kwik road doggs old partner.

Rumor Killer scott hall will notbe at the rumble the wwf released a statement about some advertisments for the rumble have a picture of scott hall but that it was a msitake and he will not be at the rumble.

Look for the big show and mark henry to rpobably come back for the rumble. The show and henry have been fueding in the ohio circut for a while now.

X-pac has been cleared of all charges in a civil suit last week for having an altercation with a fan but still no news on when he will be back.

Jerry Lynn was backstage at smackdown a few weeks ago and is interested in offers from the wwf for a contract

Rob Van damme has issued a statement concerning his situation with ecw.
RVD has said he is still with ecw but that he is owed a lot of money and when he goes out he gives 110% (no arguments here, i still say rvd is the best out there right now) He loves ecw but he doesnt like the direction it is taking and that a lot of people are complaining but he is still with ecw.
I read somewhere that The Big Show shaved his head bald and was on the Cindy Margolis show.

running down Fn christmas trees on the streets of NY
HHH is gonna be back on the 1/8/01 RAW!!!
I read he is gonna be starting a new angle with Austin that will most likely carry on throughout this year also Vince and Stephanie are said to be involved as well.

running down Fn christmas trees on the streets of NY
There is a rumor that Justin Credible from ECW has signed a contract with the WWF? Does anyone know if this is true?<IMG SRC="http://www.wackbag.com/ubb/smilies/cwm5.gif" border=0>

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