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Thanks . Real people send me those articles and I put them on I respect what ever they have to say good or bad if you dont like it thats what the message boards are for I have full controll but wont censor anything. Thanks for the kind words Imova :) ;)


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Nice Site Dirty Harry. What is with that screen effect anyways? :rolleyes: :cool: :p


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Ok dirty accept my application. I hate these fucking spammers. It's time to fight fire with fire. They say shit and no one answers back. Fuck that shit. They are nobody's on the other board. They have nothing better to do than spam. Who's that girl jenna? I love her well spoken ass. Get her over here.(wackbag) Ok hurry and accept my application.
OOPs mybad Your not the owner of that message board. Well get me accepted. I have beed reading these posts and getting pissed. Everyone from this site join that board and tool on every toolboxer you see spamming.