Movie X-Men: The New Mutants - opening August 2nd 2019


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This guy directed The Fault in Our Stars. We all know how well getting a guy like that works for comic book movies...



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grrrrr! How can they make a new mutants movie, they'll never get the characters right....which characters are on the new mutants?

Seriously, whos on this team?
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Shatterstar is probably one of the ones they'll pick. I think hes one of them homos.


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From wiki:

(Samuel Guthrie), a mild-mannered Kentuckian and eventual co-leader, who became nigh-invulnerable when rocketing through the air.
Karma (Xi'an Coy Manh), a 19-year-old Vietnamese girl and the team's original leader, who could mentally possess other people's bodies.
Mirage (Danielle Moonstar, originally codenamed Psyche), a Cheyenne and eventual co-leader after Karma's "death," who could create visual empathic three-dimensional illusions.
Sunspot (Roberto da Costa), a Brazilian who gained superhuman strength fueled by sunlight and could store solar energy in his body to use his super strength during the night.
Wolfsbane (Rahne Sinclair), a Scot who could transform into a wolf-like creature.

2nd wave

Cypher (Douglas Ramsey), an otherwise ordinary young man who could learn any language, spoken or written, at an exponential rate, whether it was human, alien, or machine, making him an unmatched computer expert.
Magma (Amara Juliana Olivians Aquilla), a fiercely tempered native of a secret Roman society in the Amazon who can control lava.
Magik (Illyana Rasputin), sister of the Russian X-Man Colossus and long-time resident of the X-Mansion, an accomplished mystic who could open "teleportation discs" allowing travel to Limbo and from there, any point on Earth.
Warlock, an extraterrestrial of the techno-organic race known as the Technarchy.

Former X-Terminators who joined

Boom-Boom (Tabitha Smith), a teen runaway who could create "plasma bombs."
Rusty Collins, a pyrokinetic wanted by the U.S. government.
Rictor (Julio Richter), a young Mexican who could create shock waves.
Skids (Sally Blevins), a former Morlock who could project a frictionless force field around her body.

Final few

"Domino" (Vanessa Geraldine Carlysle), Cable's pale-skinned, black-garbed mercenary lover. Actually Copycat, impersonating Domino.
Feral (Maria Callasantos), who possessed a bestial temperament and appearance.
Shatterstar (Gaveedra Seven), a swashbuckling warrior from another dimension.
Warpath (James Proudstar), the younger brother of slain X-Man Thunderbird and a former Hellion, an Apache who possessed super strength and speed.


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2003 New Mutants

(Josh Foley) - Josh is an Omega-Level mutant who can manipulate his or others’ biologies to heal or harm. In addition, Elixir possesses gold skin which converts to black when he uses his powers offensively. He was one of the 27 students at the Xavier Institute to retain his powers after "M-Day". His current whereabouts are unknown.
Icarus (Joshua "Jay" Guthrie) - Jay possesses red angelic wings on his back that allow him to fly and which grant him an accelerated healing process. Furthermore, he possesses the ability to manipulate his own voice. He was one of the 27 students at the Xavier Institute to retain his powers after "M-Day". Jay's wings are amputated by Stryker,[9] who later kills him.[10]
Prodigy (David Alleyne) - David was the team's co-leader who could temporarily gain the knowledge and skills of those near him. Although he was de-powered after "M-Day", he has retained all the knowledge he had acquired prior to the "Decimation".[11] Current member of the Young Avengers.
Surge (Noriko Ashida) - Noriko is Japanese. She absorbs electricity from her environment which she can discharge as powerful electric blasts or utilize as superhuman speed. She requires mechanical gauntlets to prevent overcharge. Surge was one of the 27 students at the Xavier Institute to retain her powers after "M-Day". She is currently a student of the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning and a member of the X-Men.
Wallflower (Laurie Collins) - Laurie is a shy girl who generates highly potent pheromones that influence people's emotions. She was one of the 27 students at the Xavier Institute to retain her powers after "M-Day". Laurie was later killed by one of Stryker's men.[12]
Wind Dancer (Sofia Mantega) - Sofia was the other co-leader and she could manipulate the wind. She was depowered after "M-Day". Her current whereabouts are unknown.
Wither (Kevin Ford) - Kevin could cause organic material to decay with his touch. He eventually switches to the Hellions squad.[13] He is later killed by Elixir.[14]


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The New Mutants: Maisie Williams, Alexandra Shipp, and Anya Taylor-Joy Reportedly Cast in X-Men Spin-Off

By Jim Vejvoda

20th Century Fox and director Josh Boone have reportedly found three members of The New Mutants, the studio's X-Men movie spin-off.

According to Hitfix, Game of Thrones' Maisie Williams "is attached now as Wolfsbane, better known as Rahne Sinclair," The Witch's Anya Taylor-Joy will "be stepping up to play Illya Rasputin, aka Magik."

Alexandra Shipp, Maisie Williams, and Anna Taylor-Joy.

The site also claims Professor X star James McAvoy will "play a significant role in the film," and that X-Men: Apocalypse's young Storm, played by Alexandra Shipp, will also be a member of these New Mutants.


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Fox Denies 'New Mutants' Casting Rumors

There's been plenty of chatter lately about Fox's New Mutants, a spinoff from its X-men franchise. Earlier this week, producer Simon Kinberg was out talking about the film, discussing topics ranging from the film's tone to the kinds of characters we could see pop up in it. Then yesterday, HitFix published a report claiming to have the identity of two of the characters featured in the film and- more importantly- who's playing them.

Their report claimed that Maisie Williams (Game Of Thrones) would be playing Rahne Sinclair/Wolfsbane, and that Anya Taylor-Joy (The Witch) would be playing Illya Rasputin/Magik in New Mutants. But now Nerdist has come forward to debunk this report. They claim to have reached out to Fox directly, and the response was: "Not True."

This, of course, could just be the studio deflecting the story temporarily while it works out the deals with the actors.


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Josh Boone has tweeted out the characters that will make up his team of New Mutants: