Movie X-Men: The New Mutants - opening August 2nd 2019


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Between Marvel getting F4 back or X-Men back, I'd much rather them get F4 back. I legitimately think you can do something actually great with the Fantastic Four that hasn't even been broached in the films, whereas I feel like I've seen most of what X-Men can do. And those that go off book (Legion, Logan, Deadpool) wouldn't fit in the MCU. Plus, Doctor Doom.

Furthermore, with Infinity War coming, I'd be more comfortable with a Reed Richards having a rocketship and going into space. It's more believable in the realm of their universe (especially with Spider-Man: Homecoming making super science an actual thing), as opposed to somehow between Apocalypse and DP, space suits are made for Sansa Stark and Beast.
And Marvel has already developed a great cosmic "world" between GotG and the upcoming Thor. And Spidey has always had strong ties to the F4 as well. It would be a great fit.


Silence, you mortal Fuck!
Oooooooo. Or whatever. I don't know. I have zero to make from this.
I think this is Kinberg finally getting the comic book horror film he hired Josh Trank to make. And of course like Fantastic Four, this is a completely inappropriate property to do such a thing. But whatever.


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How could he be gay? He fucked the invisible girl repeatedly and r8p3d her once.
Could fly, had superhuman strength and could breathe underwater.
He might not be gay, but his fans are. He has an eight pack and only wears a Speedo and bracelets.



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It the trailer is Charles Xavier shitting in Scott Summers mouth, the movie will still be better than Justice League.
Neither of them is in the movie. So I don't think it will be better than Justice League.


Silence, you mortal Fuck!
Have you seen the extended cut of Superman The Movie yet or I should say that TV Cut
I saw it when I was a kid. The Blu Ray is sitting downstairs waiting for me to find 3 hours to watch it.