Xbox 360 in the car

Anyone hook up their 360 in the car? Just use an inverter? If so what size normally? They make a car kit for a 360?


Only play it if you're not moving.

The ShitBox 360 comes with a nice warning label stating not to move the machine while it's on and has a DVD in the tray. If you fail to heed that li'l advice a fucked up DVD you will have.
Just trying to find a way to keep the kids occupied on the drive to the beach.


How'd your parents die?
nintendo DS or a psp, its almost a sure thing the 360 will malfunction or ruin your discs on the slightest bump


You can go fuck.
Yeah, moving the console while a disc is spinning fucks up discs.
Ok. 360 is out. We have used the regular Xbox in the car in the past, so I will just use that. DS's go everywhere anyway.
Y'know, there's always game demos, movies, TV shows and XBL arcade games that you play off the HDD (if you've got the premium or elite).

That would be safe to run in the car without having a disc in the drive, wouldn't it?


Considering I'm on my third one, and don't use it that much, no.