XBOX Xbox 360/One Gamer Tag thread

transit grinder

Baglin' with the Sex
360legend - Dead Aesthetics
4.6CrownVic - OnA Low Rider

Aaron Burrito - OpAnt
Aero 1 - Aero R1
AFA -- AleksAm
atrocious - engrid cold

BaLZaC~308 - balzac308 wb / Hoof1209 (his brother's 360)
Bananajuice77 - CleverInsane
Beeman99 - Rockrt79
BeerBelly - Evilcheez66 (all caps)
Beer Gut - GSUkent
BigBuffaloFan - EatABullet80
Bill Lehecka - Bill Lehecka
Billy Staples - burntheministry
BlackNinja - Rock Coat
Bob - The Bob
boombots - b0ombots2
Boozer03 - Primetime3
Brady T cell - GeorgianWeezy
BravoSierra - Tapeworm21
bryanswafford - bryanswafford
Bubbawadd - BubbaWadd1969
buya97 - Coolio83

carr911--- HugeGman
ChestersLiver - The FranchiseNJ
Chew - HF Chew
Chimp Pembry - GreyFoxNinja
Chino Kapone - Kn0wY0urd0nut
Chumpy - xylanor
Chlorofirm - LTZ 434
CM Mark - NewDayMark Will almost never be on, as it is my friend's 360.
cokelogic - COK3LOGIC
counterpunch - jcapp25
CrazyMrPoopSex - Bandit116

Dead EditHer - Dead EditHer
Diceman Cometh - ButcherOfBuhara
distortion9 - distortion9
DR. Jimcy M.E.--PALEFORCEcob
doktormoo - Doktor Moo
dodisman - dodisman1
Douche_Chills - halfahulkface77
DoucheMeister - Slypig61
Dre3293 - Dre3293
DrunkInToronto - Bionic Capo
duder182 - duder182

EarthCrisis - BlueDodgeRam
ego - ManBearPigJoe

Fallon - WWFallon
FAngel - FAngelWB
Finger Younger - iVIRUS
frankjg75 -
Fr. Dougal - HannyNYR
FullBallz - section41bum

Garyisajoke - Garyisajoke
gnrfan47 - mikeman133
Goddamnrichcunt - kelso8142
gonzogonads - gcube007
Goodlogic - Goodlogic
got vicodin - got vicodin
GrammatonCleric - LynchAtLarge

HellzEvil666 -
hulkster29 - nyisles16
HumpX - HumpX

I_LIKE_TURTLES - dementionX
Ianbobo - Ianbobo
ispeakeloquent - Spuds Buckley
itr - sibly70

jased - jased
Jim_Breuer_Fan - StaticXrated613
JoeFromS.Jersey - JoeFromSJersey
joker1919 - joker1919
JordanSRT10 - Piff Crystals

Kaemic Knight - sweu manic
KevSlider - KevSlider
khemystri - khemystri
king98er - king98er
kingrat - onaxm202

lax - laxplaya42
leonard shelby - MrW0lf3
LetsDoThisLucas - BuLiT24
letterizer - duelist letter
Loser In Life - GenericAdam

magnus420 - OnAPestsMagnus
Mark Turnstyle - Mark Turnstyle
maxeypad - maxeypad
MilitantRabbit - MilitantRabbit
MrBoomBoom - wvhogan
Mr T Cell - Edible Trousers
MrUgly - Ugzilla
Monstercloud - Monstercloud
monster_rain_07 - balloonknot2007
moviemogul - moviemogulxxx83
MyMomsBox - FinalEvolution

Ndugu - Ndugu22
NeonTaster - NeonTaster
newfie_lover - NJ HARDHAT
NightStalker3 - NightStalker3
Nofate301 -
notalentassclwn - NJ Fireman56
NotSoFast - notsofast71

OandA_Chris - MetsLax
Ol'bloodybottom - Jim Breuer
Ovaherenow - hobokenhitmn007

PhillyReject - TimesNewRoman17
Pmoney316 - pbrown316
ProflyerXM - WilleeDee
Puddle O AIDs - LastOnBleach
PunchYourself187- punchyourself18

Railroad5 - Railroad5
RaullyRal - RaullyRAL
Redding - Red Leader 80
rockpup - lolyoujelly
Ronhonda99 - Red5soulfly
ruckstande - phafu

Salem - Salem in Chains
satanscheerledr - satanscheerledr
ShooterMcGavin - ShooterMcGvn
Skippy - burnedout
slap happy - ron sasso
Slayback - LunchBox Legend
slorebath - mhoward2909
Slowchange - Slowchange
Smex182 - PapiChulo75
Smokezilla - Smokezilla1
Sobi - Sobi One
soiledshorts79 - soiledshorts79
Sparkstalker - Sparkstalker
Sprite - ChrisCastAway
SquigY0 -
SuperShawn - SuperShawn808
supershwoogie - Bujeebee
Syrial960 - Twztovf8

Teddy - XTeddyX
the_ba - Legs O Gravy
TheDrip - Polish Logic
TheJew - OopsUDead
thetick130 - joemamma58/tehrnalaape
Tickle The Bag - Tickle The Bag
timothy_leary - stoner taylor89[/b]
Transit Grinder - John Munch
treymaan - treymaanX
Turfmower - Turfmower
txtrailrider - Engine 102

Universalremobo - Ronfan

VirusInNH - GunMunkee

WadeFulp - WadeNG
Wampus Crandle - Wampus Crandle
WhiteHonkyDevil - UncleWindChime / GreenYamooooooooooo (Max amount of O's)
WMB - tj2fingers
Wonkavision - DicDawg
Woodenplank - Planklug
Wrecktum - Wrecktum00

_*Updated*_ (Latest additions in bold.)
I'm going to be using my 360 a little more than before so can you please accept my friend request, thanks.

Alright, I made a Wackbag metatag for XBL.

This is just an account that any WBer can join. Once you've joined, you can use the 'friends of friends' feature to find other WBers online and invite them that way. This is useful for finding people to play with that aren't on your list due to "holy shit I'm out of space" or "I don't like adding people to my list that I don't know".

the account - WackbagMeta


El hombre de los moleculos!
Now that I've actually started signing in to the WBMeta, there are a whole TWO new friends. Yay!
mEH, I felt like changing my name to ALPHA CHEEZWHIZ, why i dunno ....(piss's me off knowing some else has cheezwhiz, that's MY name dammit!)
I just want to add that maxeypad is one of the coolest motherfuckers you'll ever meet


Psst... your balls are showing...
I don't really feel like reposting that whole fucking list, as my own name will be COMPLETELY lost within it.

My gamertag is MonsterRaining and i play black ops, mw2, and brink. Im pretty beast at all three and always use the mic for callouts and shit
Every time HybridMoment308 pops on I get this in my head.... fuck! make it stop!!!!

I don't really feel like reposting that whole fucking list, as my own name will be COMPLETELY lost within it.

My gamertag is MonsterRaining and i play black ops, mw2, and brink. Im pretty beast at all three and always use the mic for callouts and shit
All this time and I had no idea you were a bagger.


I'm Lovin' it !!!
For those of us who will be getting MW3 tomorrow, I figured a thread bump may be in order... I'll be playing MW3 on Xbox all night, I'm not very good, come and kill me... (add my name to the list)
Changed my name again...I am now El Cheezo Whizo

don't bother I hardly play with anyone anyway


Registered User
XBL name is FollowSmoke. The only multiplayer I've been playing recently is GoW3 Horde, but if I find time I'm going to dig into MW3.
Just friend WackbagMeta. this dude named UncleWindChime aka WhiteHonkyDevil runs him

and you'll be playing with wackbaggers in notime!