XBOX Xbox 360/One Gamer Tag thread


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Igilemab for mw3 hardcore domination all the fucking way

sent from my phone so deal with the terrible grammar and misspellings


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My tag is Jagsfans and lately i'm playing MW3 Survival and covert ops missions. I am awful at Multiplayer, but I keep trying. Also love Dead Island.


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I go by shwooogie now but I used have WoW1WoW. Had to change the last one because everyone thought I was a World of Warcraft nerd instead of an OnA fan.


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EMTPETE122138------> noneyoubusiness


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for any who give a shit I go by Xylanor

CM Mark

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I now have my own 360, gamertag is still the same as before.

I don't plan on getting gold, so are there any games that I should not get because they require Gold?


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Thought I had posted it years ago. Guess not. Anyway, I have both 360 and One. I play Titafall & Ghosts on One and pretty much everything else on 360
Sagacious Beast. Yeah, I know it's stupid. shut up. Anyway, I mostly play Dark Souls 2 SotFS at the moment.