"Xbox Live Membership Limitation Does Not Allow You To Use This Feature"

So I had Xbox Live Gold, and the sub ran out this week...
It said do you want to renew it, I hit "Yes" but that's all it asked me for. I guess the Credit Card is on file, I'm not sure how that works.

Anyway, I'm not able to connect to EA and get to a certain point, but when I try to play anything online it's giving me this error message.
"Xbox Live Membership Limitation Does Not Allow You To Use This Feature"

Anyone come across this? I assume that whatever the renew was worked, because it shows I'm connected and on the network.
I checked parental settings and stuff, and they're all right.


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are you sure you bought the gold membership? you may have messed up somehow and the purchase didn't go through


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Yes, I think your account defaulted to a Silver Membership. A good indication would be to try and access the Youtube Application, requires a Gold Membership. Check the email account that you are registered with for any messages from XBL. If you have received a new Credit Card within the last year then the one on file will bounce. Just go to your account settings and Re-Enter your Credit Card info. You should be able to upgrade to Gold From there too.
Perhaps there was no payment made...
I think I originally bought a card from a store, and then entered that info.

But I'm not sure why it just let me "Renew".
I'm gonna call the help line
You can get a 12 month card for $40 at a few different retails. Amazon and buy.com wold be two of those places.

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When you call them act like this whole thing has put you off of paying for their service and maybe they'll toss you a free month.

I wouldn't normally suggest being deceptive, but since we pay for basic multiplayer gaming services..


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Tell them you don't have these difficulty's with your PS3.