XFL gameday


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I thought they did too much on football. They should not be cancelling the show, they should be giving it another half hour. They don't get enough time to do the shit that would attract alot more fans. Plus the league is in shambles. The rating are doing horrible. I don't get it though. I enjoy the games. DO you guys enjoy it too? whatever, I just don't wanna see the show go. Your thoughts?


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My opinion is that football sux...and I could do with out it, and I also think that the XFL isn't doing n e thing because there is too much football, and there shouldn't be two different types of football because that's just gay!

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Yes I do agree with you on that mav
but the fact of the matter is that I wish it never got cancled. and it is a shame that had to happen I love the fact the boys got what they had for a month and there will be more things coming to them so it is all good the boys will rock all the time

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I dont really care about the show getting canceled cause O&A didnt get that much time to do there own thing on the show there was too much analysis on the worst football team ever the Hitmen. Dont get me wrong i like the XFL and have enjoyed watching the games but i just cant watch the Hitmen they suck. NBC will probaly go back to televising NBA games on Saturday nights like last year next season.


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although the the xfl is not that good right now i really miss the show to see o&a on tv