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Hello people,
Were any of you at last weeks xfl game? I am going to bring my 8 year old son to the game and would like to sit in the O&A section. I am wondering if it got too out of controll there? What u guys(and gals) think?


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I was not at the game but the crowd seems wild.
it is like that when you go to stuff for O&A
I went to the bikini softball game and there were kids there and it was nuts with the parents covering the kids eyes and shit so maybe it wont be as bad but lots of luck with it!

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now they may not be a opie and anthony section any more


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So sad I feel so upset about that.
what a shame on it Oh well lets hope that waymore better things come to O&A they sure do deserve it more than anything.

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Its not such a big loss who would want to go see the Hitmen play anyway!!!