XM just called me

Just got a call from XM. They told me that I have an outstanding balance since they have not received my payment. I was on a six month plan and would send them a check when I got the bill. This last bill was sent back ripped up with a note that said I don't pay for censored radio. Within a few days my radios only had about ten channels and then nothing. I told her I couldn't have a balance because I canceled and she told me the account is still active and that if I pay the balance due of about 26.00 I would be on again. I again asked how I could owe a balance when I canceled and she said my account was not canceled , it was merely suspended because they didn't get the money on time.

I then decided to see how desperate they were and told her why I canceled and asked if O/A were coming back or were they really fired. She said they would definitley be back so would I like to pay and have my radios (4) turned back on. I then told them the only reason I had XM was for O/A and they took it off for a month so what could they do for me. She puts me on hold and comes back and says there is nothing she can do. If I want my radios back on, I have to pay in full. I asked if they would give me at least a free month since they took the show off the air for a month and she said no.

I then told her that this why XM is being run into the ground and that they could care less about their customers. I said make sure my account is canceled and try to get the balance from me and hung up.

It doesn't seem like XM is hurting too much over this issue. They seem not to care. Just thought I let you know because there seemed to be alot of talk how XM will waive activation fees and give free months to rejoin. I don't think that is going to happen.


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Well after we shit on customercare for 5+ days, If I were them I'd be pissed too.

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so a ripped up invoice = cancellation? How were they supposed to know this?
If you still owed money, not wanting the service doesn't give anyone the right to skip out on their bill.
the bill is for future service not past. If I get a bill for the next six months and tell them I no longer want the service, and they shut me off, how the hell do I owe them money.
Fuck XM... did you tell them about the 6 exasperating phone calls you made to customer service?? I would, If I were you.... **wink wink**
These motherfuckers are going out of their way to collect your money, but they don't seem to give a shit about getting my refund check to me. Fuck them... call them, and tell them in no uncertain terms that you canceled.

I hope their satellites fall from the sky and crash into their corporate HQ.
Had a similar situation today. I canceled on May 14th, and then again May 16th. Today I get a bill saying I owe them $12.95 since my credit card had expired. I called and said I wasnt paying it. They actually had a note that I had called to cancel on my account, and had seen it wasnt cancelled. They offered me my choice of either a refund or a credit on my account to take care of my service til the end of August. Since Jimmy said they would be back on the 15th at the HBO special, I told them to give me the free months, waive my reactivation fee, and that if O and A were not on on the 15th they would be hearing from me again. If you handle them properly you can most definetly get some free shit from them.


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This really pisses me off. The fact that one of my radios is still on 3 weeks after canceling makes me wonder if they are screwed up my account too....


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I had something happen with XM account a few months before the suspension that I did not like.

I was set up to have the payment automatically deducted from my or debit card. I lost the card and had to get another one. I forgot to call XM and give them the new debit card information, so they started sending the bill via snail mail. I paid that way for about 2 months.

Next thing you know the payment started being automatically taken from my checking account again. The thing was XM decided to do this WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. They took the liberty of getting the routing and account number from those checks, again WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.

Once I found this out I called up and gave them hell. When I asked how this could happen I was told "it's standard procedure". I told them in no uncertain terms that if something like this ever happened again, I would call the BBB.

Now with all these cancellations going on, I think XM is trying to pull some kind of crap. They have completely lost my trust.


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From all this it seems their tactic is to move away from the amount of subs they lost and at the next SEC call to brag at about how much money they brought in.

FUCK XM !!!!:fight6::fight6:


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This really pisses me off. The fact that one of my radios is still on 3 weeks after canceling makes me wonder if they are screwed up my account too....

Me too, but I will pay nothing. I have an SEC complaint to back me up.