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XM Lynx review

Just picked up a Lynx to replace my XMP3i last weekend. Purchased a new unit at Best Buy for $104 and 2 vehicle kits at $19 each. So far I'm really enjoying the Lynx but it's a lot more complicated than the XMp3 and I haven't figured out all the features yet.


Better sound quality than the XMP3 (hard-wired into car radio, I haven't used the fm transmitter feature of either unit) I could never find a good equalizer setting on the XMP3 unit, the Lynx doesn't have an eq selection (that I could find) but it sounds clearer and a little louder than the old unit.

Nice size screen with a lot of info available (I wish the FF/play/Rew buttons didn't cover the channel background picture, or would fade into background until touched)

Touchscreen controls rule (a little touchy while driving but the back button helps when you hit the wrong part of the screen by mistake)

XM 2.0 channels on regular satellite reception (there's actually a couple nice channels in there... Rock Bar, R&R HOF, Red White and Booze and SXM live)

Internet channels available through Wifi

Automatically records 5 favorite channels at once under radio replays .

Micro sd playback of mp3s includes album covers or associated file pictures

Although it's pretty useless(because of screen size), the unit does have a web browser feature when connected to wifi

200 hrs of recording space and replay feature

The Lynx initializes a lot quicker than the XMP3 in both initial start-up and SD playback. SD playback is instantaneous

Remote control that comes in vehicle kit works great (older remotes don't work)

Auto brightness dims backlit screen at night

Allows access to XM on demand through Wifi (haven't used this yet, not sure how well it works)


No live satellite when not connected to a powered dock

Unlike the XMP3, you can't set up a playlist of music on the SD card. The Lynx does support .m3u playlist, but won't generate them for you. (my biggest fault with unit)

XMP3 power supply (12v -5v adapter) not compatible (antennae connection the same)

I can already see reliability may be a problem (screen not recessed, so scratches will be a problem). I added a screen protector but it affects the screen clarity. I can't see the unit lasting over 2 years at most before needing replaced

Recording currently displayed channel is more complicated than the XMP3

Sirius XM update support. They promise a lot of updates and improvements but I learned my lesson on the XMP3. They left it to die on the vine. Lynx sales are slow (hince the price slash) so support will quickly fade.

No screen orientation. It would be nice if the Lynx worked in vertical or horizontal position (like every other Android device)

Unit comes with a built in speaker but it is tiny and barely audible (even at max volume). Earbuds (not included) sound nice though
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