XM to Host Aqua Teen Hunger Force


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YES!!!!! THANK YOU GAWD!! </Carl>


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Why not plug more Adult Swim stuff while they're there.


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Aqua Teen Hunger Force is awesome! The movie wasn't great but it beats most of the shit that adult swim plays. Maybe they will have Squidbillies on XM if this does well. SQUIDBILLIES RULE!


If they put Tom and Eric on, I very may well Flush, Buy and Fuck

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Going to have to record that one. Should be pretty good.


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Have Dethklok do a Hostile Takeover for Krock too. That would rule.


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Tim & Eric, Saul of Mole people, Tom Goes to mayor (tim & eric made) Xavier, Darkplace, those shows are what is ruining Adult Swim for me. Its either not funny or too cool for the room funny.

Has anyone played the Zombie Pro Am on PS2 yet? was thinking about getting it


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Saul is ok, but I hate the others.

And for the PS2 game, it looks really good, but it's impossible to get without Amazon.


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They better play some of The Mouse and the Mask on the hip hop channels.


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I'll give it a listen. . . Meatwad fucking rulz!!!:icon_cool

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This needs more publicity. Especially in Boston.

Lingerrring Longerrr....


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I was at a con this weekend that hosted both Dana Snyder (Master Shake) and Carey Means (Frylock) and while hilarious, they could be some of the saddest people you'll ever meet. Voice actors get paid in shit and all have an ego complex.

Funny as fuck, though. Dana Snyder is one of the funniest personalities. He'd be amazing in-studio with the boys.


Go suck a bag of dicks.
They better have the MOONINITES!! They rule.
"All that we say and do is right." lolz


LDAR, bitch.
It will be "edited for content". Welcome to uncensored radio.