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So is anyone going to try out satelite radio???
As if radio wasn't bad enough, who needs more homogenized sterile crap posing as entertainment. No thanks.


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WOW I LOVE THAT KIND OF RADIO but then again I luve siff scabs on my oatmeal. :rolleyes:


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Have you ever seen the people that listen to that shit? :::::George::::: "Toothless, drunken, white trash" :::::George:::::

I can really give two shits. It seems Ken just wanted to make an extra buck on the side. That greedy bastard. He can promote satellite radio, but the boys can't say Howard Stern is a whining cunt. I just don't get it!


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The only time i listen to that kind of radio is on my digital cable box..
when I clean my room. other than that fuck it..


Well they put in On-Star, this will just be another station, eh?null


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I wsa just scrolling old post...sorry to move this up, but i tought it was appropraite and funny!


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Funny how your opinion will change, huh?


Didn't everyone play Monster Rain?
I remember when O&A when nuts on Ken about taking advertising from XM. It is funny how opinions change.


LOL. Loving it all. :clap:

Long time reader first time poster:) HONK HONK!!

all in all...

glad to know we can see some news comin along.


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Great post to bring back up. I just puked up a foot.....

No one could have expected the world being turned upside down from the sight of a nipple.
I didn't bring the post back up with the good ol TTT.
All in all funny prank for someone else to bring it back up from 2001. LOL. How many fucks do ya think didn't think to CHECK THE DATE!!! of the original post?