YAY!!!!! The jingle contest is back!


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Aside from the animation contest, this is the best one they ever did. Looking forward to hearing what you creeps come up with this time.



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Let's try this again and keep it to the topic on hand please.



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I can't wait to hear some new stuff.
I heard the promo they played for the contest this morning and have to wonder if the promo has been updated because they keep getting entries that aren't jingles or if the promo is the original promo and is the reason for non-jingle entries. The promo clearly states they are looking for audio submissions that can be jingles, promos, etc. It's the first time I actually heard the produced promo for it so I don't know if it's been changed or not, but if it's the original promo then any problem they have with entries not being jingles are the fault of whoever wrote the copy for the promo.


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It's the same one. I've tweeted that to them a few times, but who knows if they saw it.
Here's 2 hours of searching for audio clips and 5 minutes of actual work in the spirit of Halloween.



I'm Team Piggy!


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Sal's a faggit, choke on a dick.


Chia Obama, WTF?
Need Erock Army for my ring tone.
They should professionally produce the winner's jingle and actually use it for the show.


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I can't get Erock Army out of my head. It might very well be the greatest thing ever.

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The Erock Army jingle is the obvious winner for this year I think.

Although the girl singing Jerry Shepardini is a classic too.


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What could they do to improve that? It's pretty damn professional sounding already.
I think he wants to add to the end "pew pew booosh THE OPIE AND ANTHONY SHOW."


I can't stop singing the fucking "Sal's a faggot" one to myself.

Hmmmnmnmnm and Jimmmnmn.

Konstantin K

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I like the Radio Wizard one just because it's really mean spirited.
2 days in a row they didnt play jingles. I want to hear my shit played; I sent it Monday night. And even though it's not a fan-produced one, I love the Valley Girl Jimmy jingle..."Opie and Anthony, Opie and Anthony, Opie and Anthony...if you like grody jokesss".
You got a youtube link or something so we can see (or hear) how awesome it is?
Not on youtube. Recorded it on my phone. No music to it, just a nice little a cappella jingle. I have confidence that they will play it once they get back to playing the jingles (hopefully tomorrow). If you hear them play one called Swell Guys by Greg, then that's me.

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I can't stop singing "salamander the hipster queer". Fucking Anthony didn't like that jingle.