yeah man, were doomed man


dont know if this is a conspircasy or just whatever.
thought it was kinda interesting.

Arc Lite

As big as your Imagination...
Kind of interesting and they almost had me until the chip. There are too many leaps between a one-continent then one-world economy to a chip that integrates us into society and that economy.

Or maybe I'm just not looking far enough into the future. I suppose this could be possible in like 100 or 200 years. But they make it sound like that this will happen next year.

Iron Duke

Fuck DHL Express....German faggots!!
Ronnie B said it first. Fear the robots man. They're coming next.


I blame John Connor for not stopping the machines in the past. What a fucking slacker.

Big Fat Steve

I always wanted to fuck the Pink Power Ranger
"The American constitution will eventually be obsolete." It already has been sliding that way for years. The first and fourth amendment have become afterthoughts in this sketchy democracy.
What's scary to me is how stupid and gullible most of the American people are,getting they're information from sound bites and being too lazy and disinterested to research anything. Examples include global warming and the worldwide menace of the Evil Empire of Halliburton. I am far from a conspiracy nut,but I'm afraid anybody with a dissenting opinion or somebody that uncovers a true conspiracy would quickly be labeled a nut and their credibility put in question or destroyed. Example- Ron Paul. He has said some very interesting things about the Federal Reserve I had no idea about. Is he getting any media attention,apart from being at best a curiosity or at worst a nut?

Glenn Dandy

This country has gone the way of reality... reality is people are really fucking stupid.

And the top 10% in economic cut throat money making tactics own that stupidy with all to much ease...

When I watched an entire generation of white kids turn black because of a few videos... i realized how pathetic and stupid parents were to start with.

To watch this election makes me ill. Like said above Ron Paul & a lil fella named Ross Perot... tried speaking truth... but the dumbasses of this country would rather listen to lies n bullshit that be smart enough to know when someone feeding them bullshit.

Ross Perot held up a check from a known drug dealer made out to BILL FUCKING CLINTON... The check was 6' X 3' and Americans voted for Clinton cause he played sax on Leno.

I blame.. the fact in this country you have to work yourself to fucking death to survive, the taxes, the utilitys, the insurances. the fucking cheerleading fund raisers, the book clubs, the fucking nickle and dime bullshit of keeping up with the Jones's....

Everyones to busy to actually envelope themselves into actual political facts... we all just get nibs n pieces , here n there.. and sadly those nibs and pieces are bought and sold by our the highest scumbag.

Do yourself a favor America... stop listening to all these fucking asshats on TV speculating for you.

listen to the person talk... look on youtube.. theres a thousand vids from every candidate..

and ask yourself, trust your insticts... Is this person just trying to bulshit me? or do I believe he or she honstly cares about me and my country and where its headed..

heres a hint... If they say everythings gonna be great.... were gonna right quick fix this mess...

there lying.

Motor Head

Note to God....

Dear god, please make the Ebola Virus into a virulent airborne strain that wipes out every human being on this planet. Maybe you can let other more intelligent creatures have a shot at being top species for a few million years. Dolphins don't fuck eachother over for a percentage. An octupus dies raising her children, and would never dream of abandoning them in a dumpster.

Please, claim a mulligan and just finish us off. A devine and just comet or asteriod would work as well. The only creatures that would mourn us are cockroaches...that should say a lot about our contribution to this universe.