Yellow cabbie tickets up 7,200% in 4 years


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The Taxi and Limousine Commission issued nearly 22,000 "data-generated" summonses in fiscal year 2013, up from 300 such tickets four years ago.

The number of tickets issued to cabbies and medallion owners skyrocketed 7,233% during a Big Brother crackdown featuring GPS technology, officials said Thursday.

The Taxi and Limousine Commission in fiscal year 2013 issued nearly 22,000 "data-generated" summonses alleging drivers committed offenses like overcharging passengers and driving with a suspended hack license, officials said.

That's up from approximately 300 such tickets issued just four years ago - a 7,233% jump - officials said.

The future is here.


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"Data-generated" is a horseshit euphemism for "we can't be bothered to have an actual cop do this work, so let a computer do it for us". It'll all fall apart once someone challenges it in court, since you can't cross-examine a GPS.
You get what you deserve NYC, with your voting buffoonery.


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The way those assholes drive, it should be up 10,000%.


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it is that they just got this technology 4 years ago and that happens to be when the city started looking for money to pay their bum population everywhere they could


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So what happens? The cab companies settle for pennies on the dollar and demand huge fare increases because their "overhead" costs have risen dramatically.