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I'm Gonna Be The Bestest Pilot In The Whole Galaxy
In honor of the new movie that came out this weekend that I haven't seen yet, I'll pose the question. What would you do if you were the last person on Earth?

Would you be more the explorer type? Would you get into optimal phyiscal shape? Would you just live life in a blissful state of highness (or drunkenness, if that's your preference)? Get Ant's guns and live in Joe Rogan's house? What would you do?


Why do people keep calling me?
Take a life long road trip. Take a car up and down every continent. No need to pack or anything.... I'd just cruise around. I'd also drink all the alcohol I possibly could.


Supreme Champion!!!!!
Well, I would get into shape out of necessity...I would have to swim off of Manhattan
head to the North West and make a home in a mine with all the guns and ammo I can find along the terms of foraging...I would start as far out as I could and work back in smaller circles. Plus, I would have at least 5 vehicles...all diesel which would be converted to bio diesel........
Definitely roam. Unless I felt I had the capacity to cure the epidemic as he does, then I'd stick around at ground-zero and try to find a cure. Being completely alone would be really weird.


Considering gasoline doesn't have a long shelf life, diesel would be one option. However, I'd have to collect as much weapons, ammo, food and other supplies as I could and build a solid fortress. Hopefully, there would be a decent looking female to fuck the shit out of, repeatedly.


I Want To Kill You All
For me, that would be a dream come true. I've always wanted to live in a post-apocalyptic world. I would roam around, and get high and crash at night in mansions. Would probably even get in shape from all that roaming.

Either way the fact that I could see this world sans the cockroaches that inhabit it and would never again have to look at people's stupid faces and hear their inane bullshit ever again would be heaven.


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get drunk, start smoking again, jerk off till my dick was bloody and try to die as soon as possible.


El hombre de los moleculos!
Ever read the "No great loss" chapter in The Stand?

I'd probably be one of those douchebags.


South Dakota
If there were still cows and gas, I'd build a trebuchet and use it to launch flaming cows into a river.


Satellite Of Hate
Are there animals and enemies? Zombies coming at me or just me...last man alive with no predators?
My first stop would be Sam_Adam's place to load up on every gun man kind ever made, then to FEZ MAN's shop to pick up some wheels, then to Glenn Dandy's place to get hammered until my liver ended human evolution for good.


My first stop would be Sam_Adam's place to load up on every gun man kind ever made, then to FEZ MAN's shop to pick up some wheels, then to Glenn Dandy's place to get hammered until my liver ended human evolution for good.

Your last stop would be disappointing, as GD never leaves any bottles for a rainy day.

Kris_LTRMa's Ma
first I'd cry like a girl which is okay since I am a girl
then I'd start roaming around in the hopes that maybe somewhere there is another survivor, hopefully a decent looking guy, because I'm sure at some point I'd want to get laid.


To my Friends!!! To My Friends!!!
First stop, I would break into walgreens and take any meds with (codone) in the title...then I would burn the entire fucking city place for those fuckers to hide.
I would probably walk around town and wipe my dick on every doorknob I saw and just lauuff myself to death.


Cleveland O&A fan
Booze, pills and guns. There would be no fun with those pesky zombies lurking. Those fuckers run fast and climb up shit. Good luck bro.


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I want the post-apocalyptic world to resemble the one in the Fallout games. That would rock. Fallout 3 better kick ass!


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Travel around the world & masterbate in historical places


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Query: Is the internet still working? Power still on? Basic services functioning for a while, at least until parts go and the nuke plants go into meltdown/SCRAM?

If not...that limits my options quite a bit. I depend on the internet for a vast majority of information ( How do I do this? Where is the local library? Guard armory?)

One thing that I'd do is find the nearest military base and have a fun time with the heavy weapons. Never going to have a chance of that without a nice doomsday.


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I would probably become a necrophiliac, at least, until the bodies started decomposing. Then wander the planet. If there is still shit that can kill me then I would load up with some sweet weapons and go on a killing spree.