you are not a photographer

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How many people do you know that bought a nice camera, started a Facebook page and called it a photography business? Having a DSLR does not make you a professional photographer. We're outing these no talents with daily pictures from the worst of the web. We only post pictures that were from a photography "business," and we use that term lightly. Maybe you are one of those photographers. Have a good laugh at yourself. You submit the photos, and we provide the snark.
Fuck you I AM a photographer! Ask Neon about my amazing collection of great photos.


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YES! fuck these bitches. My sister-in-law got her friend to do some family pictures for us. Mommy and daddy who own a pizza franchise bought her a nice camera and now she thinks she's a photographer. Over half the pictures this bitch took she tilted the camera so the picture is crooked, on purpose. Your not artistic, it looks terrible. And I'm not impressed with the black and white / antiqued versions either you dumb skank, I could have done that myself.

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A dumbass kinda white trashy friend on mine... he's getting married, and to save a buck he gets his brother "the photographer" to take the wedding pictures. His brother is a photographer because he took a photography class in college and he owns a fancy camera.

Needless to say the pictures came out hysterically bad... so bad that white trash dude's new wife took one look at them and burst out crying. She then went and tried to get all the bridesmaids and grooms to put on their gowns, rent tuxedos, get their her did, etc... and meet back up for a redo. Didn't happen.

That poor white trash bastard is going to pay for the money he saved on his wedding pictures fifty times over.


I want to fuck your girlfriend.
Awful. When ever I'm on face book and I see a girls pregnant burden sack I get disgusted.
I'm actually glad I don't know how to do spot coloring. I will never learn how to do spot coloring. Never.


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
this is nothing new, when i worked at the photo lab i used to get this crap all the time, back then what really pissed me off was the people that thought that just because they had the fancy camera they could come in and blame me because there photo's looked like shit.... hey assholes i just print the photos i didn't fuck up the exposure or use cheep film.....