You can now move the sidebar

You can now move the sidebar, Just put your mouse over the scroolbar until it turns into a doublesided arrow.. the click to drag to left.
The reason for being able to move the sidebar is:

some people have small monitors or a low resolution setting on their PC. that makes the sidebar twice the size on their computer and not enough room to read the board. This way they can slide the sidebar to the left to get more board room.

I noticed this at Mikey x's house today. my main computer has a 21" monitor set at 1600 X 1200 pixels so I have no problem, I see the whole board without scrolling...But Mikey X with a 17" monitor set at 800 X 600 pixels made the board look to squashed together. that is why I put in the feature.

Some people actually dont know how to open a frame in a new window so I made it easier for them.

IOHN, sound is coming!! the sound is tied in with a hack called "code buttons" that I had on the old board, that includes the ability to change posting colors and fonts. at this time the revised code for UBB6 is still in beta So i have not installed it. as soon as th code is stable I will install it.

(I do not make the hacks, I only edit them into the board code)


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Cool. It always slips my mind that I can't move it. I always go to move it. Good shit bro.
Dam Mav, what are you? Our version of the Gooch? :) Damn man, you got some killa sigs!


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what every happen to to radio chick post section


I speak the human language
Dam Mav, what are you? Our version of the Gooch? Damn man, you got some killa sigs!
Lmao, I am no comparison to that kid. I just fuck around alot. I really didn't like the last few I was making so I found a great pic of the Invasion PPV for WWF and it sparked some ideas. It's definetely better than that Mets sig. That was way too big. Sorry about that Stingray. Thanks Ranma, I appreciate it. I'd like to thank ***, *****,*******,***** for teaching me the way to do this sig thing. (The above names mentioned are sensored because they are all tools!) Thanks guys! lol. On the real thanks again Ranma. :D

Sorry to change the subject Sting.

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